Drishtantaist Poems

The Best Philosopher

by Shabuj Taposh

Portrait of the Artist's Mother

Portrait of the Artist’s Mother by Van Gogh

Beside the Karnaphuli,
Midst leafs of tree,
What am I looking for?

Who lives at the far shore?

At night, in my room,
When I see empty pot,
And I see undressed cot,
I become heart-sick more.

Who lives at the far shore?

Sometimes, in my sky,
I fly here and there.
Yea, this is my mother:
The best philosopher.

*Karnaphuli: a river in Chittagong.


by Shabuj Taposh

All won’t be sea,
Some will be river or short deeghi*
Some will also be pool

But in all, sea or pool,
There is water beautiful.

*Deeghi: A large and deep pond.

I’ve no sex

by Shabuj Taposh

I’ve no sex,
So am deathless; only creep along.

Being edited by the cultivator of the Rig Veda,
I stayed in the body of young Ogni

I was in the firefly-light of sophists,
On the main road, I was in wise Socrates.
Being an eyesore of monarchs,
I left Athens with Anaxagoras.

I stayed at Hera for twelve years,
Blew simoom with camel’s hooves.
I was then nameless in their heads too
Who demolished the jaheliat zoo.

I returned Tribeni as a poet,
And in the south-east, placed my bed.
Here I’m named as Shobuj Taposh
On the peak of Keokradong,
And incline towards land
As lava creeping along.

*Ogni: The fire-god, an Indian myth. But here the word is used to indicate power.
*Hira: is a talus cave about 3 kilometers from Mecca.
*Simoom: is a strong, dry, dust-laden wind of Arabian Peninsula.
*Tribeni: A confluence of the rivers the Ganges, the Jamuna, and the Saraswati at Allahabad in India.

The scene

by Shabuj Taposh

More goating

Photo by Cher Amio from Flickr, license under CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Around a field
There are buildings

Seeing the scene:
For sex
A goat is crying
Setting its two legs
On female-sealed
In the field,
A nice teenager
Beside a window
Became eager

Seeing the scene,
I got in sex-tent.

The field gave the girl
Mature bent.


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