The Three Principles of Drishtantaism and Their Effects in the World

Drishtantaism an ultramodern Lokayata (mostly known as Charvaka) philosophy of Indian subcontinent, which comes to the notice of intellectuals in the late 2010s. It was proposed by Shobuj Taposh as the next Philosophy of Post modernism, and founded with the mixture of the Eastern and Western theories.

Drishtantoism logoThe fundamental principles of Drishtantaism may be summarized in three “concepts“:

01. God + Allah = There is nothing.
02. Neither theist nor atheist, but religious.
03. Be good only for saving yourself and the world.

In the three principles, the political side of Drishtantaism has been exposed. Here, God isn’t neglected at all; but to create conflict setting the question of God in explaining the complicated world is not indulged. The philosophy doesn’t take importantly opposing to God.

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